Screaming Lizard Productions

screaming lizard records, mixes & masters music, Voice-over & Audio-Post in Surround And Stereo.

Our goal is to make the listener feel as if they are in the very place the music is being created and perceive that stereo recording in 3D.

combined we have over 50 years of experience, working in major league and project studios, we bring your project to the next level, We get projects done fast, efficient and will stay within any budget.

We bring Art, Magic and Sonic Quality to your project.

Andre Zweers & Judy Kirschner are freelance engineers at recording studios such as Skywalker Sound and their own Screaming Lizard Studio.

Judy has 2 Grammy nominations, in 2006 for mixing Quartet San Fransisco's 'Latigo' and in 2009 for Recording/Mixing and Mastering 'QSF Plays Brubeck'.
Both Andre and Judy recieved a Gold Record for their work on the first 'Chickenfoot' Album.
both have received many Certificates for their work on Grammy nominated and winning albums.
Andre's certificate for 'The Calling' on Santana's Supernatural CD lists him with the musicians.


Judy Kirschner.
Recording Engineer
Mixer Extraordinaire
& mastering.

Andre Zweers.
Recording Engineer
Music Editor

only the best

We use only the best in analog 'front-end', Charteroaks, Nueman & AKG mic's
feeding a Manley Voicebox, Gracedesign, Tekefunken V-76s and/or Neve 1272 mic-pre's.
patched into our main 'console' Pro Tools HD3.

'in between' we use only the best in digital processing: Waves, Altiverb, Massenberg, HEAT, BFD2, Soundtoys etc, etc.....

on the 'back-end' we listen thru the best (surround) monitor controller: GraceDesign M906. our clean amps are Parasound and we use 'B&W' 700 series for 'bigs' and Role Sampans for the sweetest 'pointsource nearfields'.


Quartet San Francisco: Latigo, Whirled Chamber Music & QSF Plays Brubeck.
chickenfoot : Chickenfoot, CSNY: Déjà Vu (2008), Carlos Santana: Supernatural,
Hot Club of San Francisco, Phil Lesh, Sonic Youth, Paul Winter , Rachel Bagby, The Ramones, Earth, Wind & Fire.

--FILM SCORE: Hellboy (2004), Zodiac (2007), Quantum Quest (2010), w/ Kronos Quartet: Nuevo, The Fountain (2006), Requiem for a Dream (2000).

--Documentaries : When Worlds Collide ,Andrew Jackson, JAMAICA FOR SALE.

--GAMESCORE: Uncharted- Drake's Fortune, God of War, DEADSPACE. Lucasarts, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed & The Old Republic.

Andre @ Album, or @

Judy @ Album or @

JOE SATRIANI--"Working with "Screaming Lizard" was fantastic. They do it all with a creative and personal approach, keeping it fun as you get things finished. In their studio, and, on location Screaming Lizard helped us record and edit the first Chickenfoot CD just the way we wanted it. They are a great team to work with."

Kai Eckhardt--"Over the last 15 years, I have enjoyed the privilege of working with Screaming Lizard Productions on numerous occasions.  The finest gear is available for your production needs and both engineers know how to use it with such proficiency that it intuitively merges with the artistic process.  The Lizard screams at a frequency barely audible, nothing escapes its fine tuned ears!"

sammy hagar--"judy rules" and "andre rocks".

Jeremy Cohen, Quartet San Francisco--"There are some wonderful advantages to working in-house with the Screaming Lizard crew aside from the wonderful and careful attention to microphone placement and imaging. I had the ability to bounce back to editing during mix sessions, saving me both time and money and ultimately resulting in the best (and Grammy nominated!) possible product." Thanks, Judy and Andre!


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604 Crinella drv,
Petaluma, Ca 94954
Tel: 415-377-4696

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Erin Collins, Music Producer and Score Supervisor-- "Andre is hands-down the best pro-tools guy I've ever worked with. Not only does he have great ears, he has remarkable attention to detail in his editing, which saves my clients time and money. It's great to be able to go into a session knowing you have an amazing team in place, and that you're going to get a great finished product. Andre is an integral part of making that happen."

Laurel Zucker--"When it comes to editing my music, Andre Zweers is the Beethoven of his peers. Andre's instinctively understands how takes blend together to create a seamless whole. Judy is a great mixer!! It's the whole package!"

Erin Seibel Songwritter/Singer/Guitarist E.S.P., TTHT, Disfunctional Family.--" "Working with Judy and Andre at Screaming Lizard has been the best recording experience of my life. I can honestly say that their input and expertise has made my recording project much better than I ever expected. They are a great team to work with and just genuinely good and honest people. I hope I can do all of my projects with Screaming Lizard from here on! Thank you Judy and Andre for all that you have done to give me the best product I've ever done."

~ Cherry Lin, President, Munda Musica Foundation ~
"Judy Kirschner and Andre Zweers at Screaming Lizard Productions delivered a high quality recording within our expected budget and timeframe. They displayed an enormous level of professionalism and enthusiasm in all aspects of sound engineering, from recording our artist at Skywalker Sound Studios, to editing the artist’s music, to delivering the final ready-for-market music files. We highly recommend Judy and Andre...

Judy moved to New York after graduating from the S.F. State audio program 1986, where she cut her teeth in well known large format recording studios like, Sorcerer Sound & Sound Ideas in NY. She came up in the analog world when mic'ing instruments was an art and great players played great instruments. She worked with great artists like Bob Dylan, Astor Piazolla, The Ramones, Santana, Sonic Youth, Metallica, Living Colour, Dinosaur Jr. , Earth Wind and Fire, Ruben Blades, Bad Brains, Kid Creole & the Coconuts, Bootsy Collins etc. etc. etc. After moving back to California she continued to work in major studios: Skywalker Sound, The Plant, & Studio D, in the Bay Area. Andora, Soundcastle, Studio 56, in L.A

Born in the Netherlands, Andre toured Europe as a singer for Dutch bands and recorded several albums. He came up in the small Independent 'punk and hardcore' scene in Holland where he had to tune drums and teach singers to sing. He helped build and run a small independent recording studio in the concert venue 'the Metropool'. Andre was an early adopter of Pro tools, (since 'session8'). He 'jockeyed' his rig from studio to studio in the Bay Area and it's still his main tool of de- & re-construction. Under his artist name ZWEERZ he creates soundscapes and Remixes and recently released an album titled 'Fullcode'.

On a whim, Judy took a road trip to Austin, Texas where she spent three fun years on a working vacation, she met Andre at Antone's nightclub and bought him a beer. On a whim, Andre took a plane trip to Austin, Texas, where he met Judy, and gladly accepted that yummy beer, a year later he moved stateside, his first job was doing sound at Antones'. and now they have 2 kids together...

gear list analog:

Manley Voxbox, tube tech cL1b, grace design m101, Lang pEQ-1tube EQ, dbx 160 xt (2), telefunken v76s (2), neve 1272 (2), etc neuman km84 (2), , groove tube md1 (2) AKG C12-a (2), Charteroaks s535b, sennhieser 421/441, shure sn57/58, akg d112, etc, Gracedesign m906 surround controller, B&W series 700 speakers, Role sampan nearfield, yamaha ns10, parasound amps, Furman & Trip-lite balanced and filtered power.

gear list digital:

quad core 2.8 intel mac w 10gigs of ram, Pro tools HD 8.1/192 interface/sync i/o, sonic PreMaster CD 3.3, sybelius, Abbey Road EMI TG 12413/brilliance pack, Audio-ease Altiverb & snapper, Melodyne editor Lexicon native reverb, Fxpansion bfd2, Avid heat, dolby media tools, Native Instruments kompleet, w extensive 400gig sample library including Vienna Synphony, LA scoringtools, Zero-g, East-west, and most sound effects, amplitube Saracon sample rate conversion, Soundtoys FilterBank_HD Waves Diamond bundle, Ampfarm, Massey DeEsser, drt, MDW_EQ2_5B, Phoenix, No-Noise/RX/waves etc noise reduction.