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“There are some wonderful advantages to working in-house with the Screaming Lizard crew aside from the wonderful and careful attention to microphone placement and imaging. I had the ability to bounce back to editing during mix sessions, saving me both time and money and ultimately resulting in the best (and Grammy nominated!) possible product.”
Thanks, Judy and Andre!

Some Recordings:

Bohemain Rhapsody, Written by Freddie Mercury, Arr. by Jeremy Cohen

Following up 2009’s double Grammy Award-nominated QSF Plays Brubeck, Quartet San Francisco delivers Pacific Premieres featuring two swinging new suites by acclaimed jazz big band leader, composer, and arranger Gordon Goodwin, a breathtaking three-movement string quartet by conductor, arranger, and composer Vince Mendoza, a gorgeous new work by legendary Hollywood composer Patrick Williams, and a brilliant piece by Jeremy Cohen that concludes in a dazzling blaze. It’s a performance that leaves no doubt that QSF has forged new ground for jazz string players.


Following their critically acclaimed 2009 double Grammy-nominated CD QSF Plays Brubeck, Quartet San Francisco announces its June 21 digital release of Five by Four. The celebrated cross-genre string quartet will premiere the five tracks at a special appearance at Yoshi’s in San Francisco on June 29. Five by Four, on the Violinjazz Recordings label, will be available on iTunes and other digital distributors.




In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the release of Time Out, QSF pays tribute to the mastery of Brubeck with the first-ever all Brubeck string quartet CD!

Three To Get Ready, Golden Horn, Blue Rondo A La Turk, The Duke, Take Five, Bluette, Unsquare Dance, and others. Arrangements are by Jeremy Cohen, Matt Brubeck, Larry Dunlap, and Robert Gilmore. (more…)

Nominee, 50th Annual GRAMMY© Awards
Best Classical Crossover Album

“… what could easily be the most cheerful and brilliantly-executed release of 2007.”

“… the sound is as impossible to categorize as the quartet itself.”

“The playing is superb, with every song taking unpredictable turns, leaving the listener smiling.” 

We feel passionate about this mixture of American genres – blues, funk, jazz, tango, and rock – and we perform each work from within the style in which it was conceived. The tradition of chamber music has taught us to play from our hearts with the highest playing standards we can apply. So when the music says swing, we swing. When the music says groove, we groove.


Nominee, 49th Annual GRAMMY© Awards
Best Classical Crossover AlbumNominee, 49th Annual GRAMMY© Awards
Best Engineered Classical Album
Leslie Ann Jones and Judy Kirschner, engineersQuartet San Francisco proudly announces that Látigo with guest percussionist John Santos was awarded two nominations for the 49th Annual Grammy Awards.Click here for more information.Recorded August 22-24, 2005 at Skywalker Sound with audio engineer Leslie Ann Jones, this Latin-flavored CD features tango favorites and other Latin-inspired material. (more…)

“This independently produced CD of string-quartet music is a delight. The project sprang from Jeremy Cohen’s personal quest to find good, fun, interesting arrangements of nonclassical music for quartet. Luckily for us, Cohen finally settled on the solution of creating the arrangements himself. The tunes range from the familiar to the obscure, from tangos to cartoon music, from Mancini to Brubeck to Wonder. Yep, Stevie Wonder: The wildly swingy tutti interludes in “Sir Duke” more than compensate for the almost-too-prissy verses. And the rest of the disc truly rocks, particularly the selections by Raymond Scott, a name some may recognize from Warner Brothers cartoons. Cohen’s arrangements are innovative and challenging treatments in which all the players share the spotlight, even the oft-neglected violist: Emily Onderdonk is more than equal to the task. OK, so five players do not a quartet make. But Jim Kerwin’s bass playing is impeccable, and he only slips into the lineup on the final three tracks.” — Elisa M. Welch, Strings Magazine 

Quartet San Francisco’s 2002 Debut Recording, “Quartet San Francisco” featuring Jeremy Cohen and James Shallenberger, Violin, Emily Onderdonk, Viola, Joel Cohen, Cello and James Kerwin, Bass (11, 12, 13). Combining a love for the traditional form, and a desire to add more contemporary styles of music into the chamber music genre, this CD was created to add new material to the ever growing body of music available to chamber musicians around the world and to encourage musicians to create more of it. (more…)

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