MIXING @ Screaming Lizard

Our DAW of choice is Pro Tools, it has the largest adoption in the recording world, it allows us to interface easily with any studio in the world.the lizard png

In the mixing process we choose from a large palette of plugins: WavesSlate Digital, Altiverb, Plugin Alliance, House of Kush, NuGEN, Native Instruments etc.

We listen so Role Audio Sampans for near field monitoring, to B&W 701’s for mains.

~ Lost Machine ~” Hey Andre and Judy, I listened to the cd, and wow it sounds awesome. Mix is just great is everything I hoped the album would sound like and better. thank you again for everything it, just sounds amazing. Okay listened to them all few times. The overall mix is f-ing SICK. I’m really lovin it…like REALLY:_)ITHINKTHISISBADAS#$%#%$^ANDITHINKTHATWOLFIEISHALFMANHALFAMAZINGSOINCLOSING!!!!!!!!!!!!”

~ Fiora ~ “Judy and Andre are an incredible team, they mixed “Flyphoenixx’ for me, with andre’s lightning fast editing skills he’s somehow doing what you want before you’ve even had to mention it. Together with the stunning mixing capabilities of Judy Kirschner – it’s really a world class combination.”

~ John Carlos Pereira ~ “Judy and Andre helped me to realize the sound in my head on my most recent release, Creation Story, the end result, to my ears, is an album that was recorded and edited digitally that has all the warmth and character that I associate with analog technology.

~ Thor Dickey, These old Wounds ~ This is sounding incredible! There’s finally the warmth there that’s been missing on the guitar, and the cello blend is awesome!