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BillyD says:

It has been my pleasdonavan-CD-crop-1200200 -OPTure to work with Judy Kirchner and Andre Zweers at Screaming Lizard Studios. The attention I received during all of my sessions at Screaming Lizard made all the difference in my recording experience. Andre and Judy not only turn the dials and push the faders but each provides their own professional approach to producing, arranging, and composing with the artist. Thank you Judy and Andre for helping me realize my best potential in the studio.

The Road to your Heart:

Joe says:

“Working with “Screaming Lizard” was fantastic. They do it all with a creative and personal approach, keeping it fun as you get things finished. In their studio, and, on location Screaming Lizard helped us record and edit the first Chickenfoot CD just the way we wanted it. They are a great team to work with.”joe S





Kai says:

Over the last 15 years, I have enjoyed the privilege of working with Screaming Lizard Productions on numerous occasions. At first, I was introduced to Andre and Judy by an esteemed colleague who hired me to play bass on his album. The high level of efficiency combined with a friendly and relaxed production atmosphere convinced me to return to Petaluma many times to work on my solo project. Screaming Lizard is top notch by today’s fast changing standards. The finest gear is available for your production needs and both engineers know how to use it with such proficiency that it intuitively merges with the artistic process. The Lizard screams at a frequency barely audible, nothing escapes its fine tuned ears and before you know it your work is done!